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04th November, 2017
As well as, Ms. Nadia Ziwar - Breast Cancer Survivor – who decided to continue the annual Golf rally that started since 2005 for the good cause of Breast Cancer. The event was filled with lavish participants who dedicated their leisure time to support the cause, Kattameya Heights. Ms. Nadia Ziwar is the Ambassador of Susan G. Komen organization in Egypt. Like any other year, Ms. Ziwar collaborates with BCFE to hold the Golf Rally as a kind of spreading the awareness on Breast Cancer. In Golf, Women wore Pink and Men wore Blue to show support and care. ...   more >> 
29th October, 2017
The collaboration was made with Semiramis Hotel regarding a session that is related to the Breast Cancer patients and the important info that they must know during their treatment. There were two lectures that were given to the audience, the first lecture by Dr. Amr Shafik who talked about the different treatments of chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, how it can help one patient and not the other. The second lecture was given by Dr. Amany Omar who talked about the nutrition needed during the treatment and even the healthy diet to decrease the risk of getting Cancer. The Hotel was very generous to provide a free breakfast to all the audience and a cake that symbolized the pink ribbon in the honor ...   more >> 
28th October, 2017
Tennis Rally was held for the first time of its kind in Egypt for the cure to support Breast Cancer Patients. By a collaboration between The Breast cancer Foundation of Egypt and both, Mrs. Wong, a Breast Cancer Survivor and her son Kin Wah, from Malaysia. The Rally’s idea was suggested by “Kin Wah” because he lived his mother’s illness since he was 7 years old. He decided that it’s a must to support the Early Detection cause about Breast Cancer with any possible way. So he took advantage of his talent at tennis and launched the Tennis Rally for the cure. The event was divided in two separate days, the first was hos ...   more >> 
28th October, 2017
The day was organized by CSA gym at Maadi. They had sessions divided by hours of spinning marathon. About 21 individual signed up to participate in the marathon. Each hour had about 10 people to ride with different instructor in each hour. There were 2 ladies who rode for 4 hours straight with 5 minutes break between each hour. They span on the rhythm of country, house and western music. They had refreshments for the athletes and coffee break section. BCFE had a table to display their products and sell them and 20% of the registration fees will go to the Foundation. ...   more >> 
26th October, 2017
The day was organized by General Electric and BCFE. They had Dr. Hanan Gewefel, Radiologists, to talk about the difference between a benign and a malignant tumor in the radiography. Ms. Ghada Salah talked about her journey with the cancer and Ms. Ghada Mostafa talked about the way to do the Breast Self-Examination. They had a large cake and cupcakes and other bakeries to be distributed. One of the attendees made little pink bracelets to be distributed as well. They had a yoga session with an experienced instructor. ...   more >>